Agree with the point above.

I wanted to only add the importance of good documentation of these options and discussions with patients and families so that these can be referenced and expanded on by the whole care team.  In the tech world of health care, “copy/paste” can be all to common.  By having dates and the risks and options clearly defined specific to THAT patients individual diagnosis/age/sex organs etc… it reduces the likelihood of miscommunications.  Further, documenting the choice that was made/why/how helps for the whole care team know how to support this patient moving forward in next steps.  Also, having the documentation done well can serve as a prompt throughout the course of treatment and into survivorship to “check in” on how patients and families are coping with their decision and if further intervention or support is needed as decisions are often made urgently and feelings/thoughts/questions will undoubtedly evolve as they settle into their care plan.


Thank you all for the discussion,

Mikala B. LCSW

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