This is a great question and I think we all have had a struggle with this in one way or another. Because I am female identifying, I think that sometimes I am not the best person to engage with a male on this topic comfort-wise, but we all do our best being that most of the staff at my hospital are women.

One, asking them to put away the phone or turn it off altogether might help, though I know that is easier said than done.

I also try to take some time to make the conversation light and prep them well that this may feel weird or awkward to talk about, but it is a safe space and there are no stupid questions. From there you are always just going to do the best you can!

With parents, it is challenging because some just love to hover and don’t think about how THEY would feel in this situation. I know at any age, I would have wanted to participate and know what might happen with my own body. I think you educate the best you can while respecting the family’s specific dynamic and needs.

Great discussion idea Katherine! I would love to hear from everyone about this as well.

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