I think it is important to understand up front what the patient and the family know. I appreciated in the vidoe that he asked if they were familiar with fertility preservation. And once you know any past experience or understanding of it, you can adjust your conversation as needed. For example, if there are any negative experiences with infertility that have already occurred, it can help explain if patient’s parents are turned off or shut down.

I also appreciated how he let them know that there is no right or wrong answer and that he is giving them information to make the best informed decision for themselves. I think it’s very important for the patient to not feel pressured when making this decision as they are already being faced with a variety of life changing choices. I think taking the pressure off up front opens the door for a better opportunity for the patient to take in the information and understand what their potential risks are with infertiltiy and knowing the fertility process. I feel that it helps establish a relationship with the patient and allows you to have these conversations with them at their level.

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