I think it would be important to understand the factors impacting each parent and the teen’s decision-making for whether to proceed with sperm banking or not. It’s possible that each person has different misconceptions, fears, priorities, or other considerations that need to be explored in a safe space first in order to ultimately do what is in the best interest of the teen and the family so that all aspects of the family system can feel confident in an ultimate decision. There is a risk for hurt, resentment, and regret if there is not an opportunity to cohesively come to a decision. Depending on family structure and communication patterns, that may mean meeting separately one-on-one with each parent and independently with the teen to understand their preferences as well as their perceived benefits, burdens (or perceived pros/cons) of choosing to move forward with sperm banking or not. Once an understanding of each person’s priorities and values related to fertility preservation are explored, and any misconceptions or barriers (such as cost) are addressed, a joint conversation may be possible that respects each individual and helps a family ultimately make a decision that everyone is comfortable with.

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