I agree this can be such a challenge!  I don’t see any boys/men under 18 but depending on their emotional maturity, it can feel like they are teenagers at times.  As stated in the lecture, it is hard for a young man who may not have ever even had a girlfriend to think about wanting children.  With my younger men (18-22) I have to meet with to talk about sperm-banking, I try to at least incorporate some bit of humor just to let them know I am not uncomfortable or uptight talking about the issue which I think can ease the tension a little bit.  I know it is a serious subject, but I still think a little humor is okay.  I also tell them in the beginning of the conversation, I need to talk to you about something that can be very private and personal, do you want your mom or dad to step out for a minute so we can talk?  That usually also lets them know I am completely comfortable talking about it with them as a “stranger”, but they may not want their parents in the room.  I only work with over 18 so consent is not an issue.

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