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      The topic of fertility preservation is a sensitive and delicate one and as healthcare professionals we have to prepare or the emotional impact this would have on both the patient and family, especially when giving this information to a pre-pubescent child. I think the clinical psychologist did a wonderful job breaking down the goals and focusing on the importance of understanding the process of fertility preservation. He gave the family the opportunity to reflect and think about what they already know about the topic from the medical team, so he knows where their knowledge lies. Of course, this video is a small portion of the conversation, and we are not given the whole context and the detailed responses from the patient and family. But the healthcare professional here truly approached the subject through clear communication and empathy.

      I would approach the conversation in a similar way, and I would also ask the family more about how they feel about this whole process, in order to validate their obvious uncertainties of the future. Additionally, I think including research articles about how certain medications work and the side effects of the medication will be receiving will create a more trusting space. This is of course, if a treatment plan is already in place. It is also important to remember that the patient’s autonomy should still be taken into consideration, therefore, I would first have a private discussion with the patient, focus on his level of developmental needs and knowledge and truly listen to his perspective on his experience, without his parents around. Then, explain the importance of making this decision while openly discussion with his parents the decision that would best be for him. Creating a safe space for the child allows trust to be built between him/her and the medical professional, which in turn will create a more focused plan of care and goals throughout his treatment.

      Transparency, empathy, and ongoing education should be placed as highest priorities while creating the best care plan for the patient and family.

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