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      While this can be a difficult topic and difficult decisions are to be made, it’s comforting to know that you have the means to provide information  and probability of a positive outlook in the future. Some strategies I’d use to provide age and developmentally appropriate information about fertility preservation to parents of a pre-pubertal child are:

      • It was great that the psychologists stated the goals of their meeting and included the patient as he spoke. I’d include the patient more by directly asking him open-ended questions to better understand his thoughts/values and being aware of body language. This is great to build rapport and shows the patient you are in tune with them.
      • Avoiding medical jargon and having visual aids as well. This is helpful to both the patient and family to have a better understanding
      • When explaining pre/post treatment fertility options, start with what the pretreatment options are and why “the push… immediate[ly]” to make a decision. This seems to be one of the family’s concerns as they are still digesting the diagnosis.
      • Reassuring them that there is no right or wrong answer.
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