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      Fertility preservation a sensitive topic to approach with both the patient and their family members. Especially if the patient is young enough that the parents have not had a conversation regarding their body, puberty, and sex. This conversation opens the door to have to have the conversation of what this would be used in the future for, leading to a conversation regarding sex and starting a family. My strategy would start with the parents. I would attempt to have a conversation with the parents alone to discuss what the patient knows and what conversations had previously been discussed. I would assess the patient’s age and appropriate styles of delivering this information. Methods may include using a doll to explain what would be done, printing coloring sheets for the child to use and engage in conversation, handouts with explanations for the older children, videos, and open ended conversations that allow for the child to ask any questions. I would allow the parents to partake in the conversation or choose to not be present for the conversation if that is their decision. It would be important for me to followup with this patient many times throughout their treatment no matter what they decided regarding their fertility preservation. I would incorporate many conversations throughout treatment to check in on their body image perception and how they are feeling in hopes to provide more resources if necessary.

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      I think starting with the parents is always the best option when discussing fertility preservation with prepubertal children. I loved your idea about including dolls and coloring sheets to explain the process to the children as long as the parents are agreeable to this. I know some parents may not even feel comfortable with the discussion being held with prepubertal children at all.

      I was curious about checking in with patients during their treatment process about fertility preservation though, as it may no longer be feasible to seek fertility preservation once the treatment has started. Would the check ins primarily be to ensure that patients are understanding of their initial decision or so they can be aware of future decisions after survivorship?


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