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      Discussing fertility preservation is already a very difficult topic to begin with not including having this discussion with a prepubertal child who is not developmentally at an age where they may be ready to have this discussion. Some of the strategies I would implement when having this discussion would be having a prior consultation with the medical team to ensure that I am able to fully understand the family’s options. I would then join in the discussion with the doctor and child specialist to ensure that the family feels well supported and understands that they have an entire team that they can turn to for support.

      I think I would also discuss the possibility of referring to a reproductive endocrinologist so that the family can feel further supported and know that they have a specialist that they can turn to for their reproductive health questions. My main point would be ensuring that the family is well educated on the different options so that they do not feel as though not enough information was shared prior to treatment commencement.

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