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      When it comes to have a conversation with a pre-pubertal patients, things can be awkward at best. You now take that teen, and mix in a cancer diagnosis and a time sensitive conversation about fertility and their future plans of becoming a parent, potentially a topic that has yet to broach the halls of their home.

      We must, as healthcare professionals, navigate a conversation about fertility when the focus of the family and patient is likely going to center around the cancer they have recently been diagnosed with. This is a reasonable problem. With this problem we need to set goals for the conversation, similar to that of the video. I firmly believe that we are going to have to develop the skills to both acknowledge their feelings, and thoughts while educating on the importance of timing when it comes to fertility preservation.

      I want to ask the group how they manage AYA patients of a different gender than yourself when providing education? We recently had a patient on our floor who was a he/him male by birth who really struggled talking about the idea of fertility and what that meant to him. He would really only connect with a male provider. I suspect that the family dynamic not being stable contributed to this – taking these items into consideration when conversing with a patient is vital.

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      Kaley, your points made in this discussion post are valid and helpful. Your recollection of a patient who did not benefit from females in this discussion is critical. In that scenario, we could lean on the patient and ask if there is certain person who he (or she) would feel most comfortable with in this conversation? We could offer, if available, a male coworker, if the patient is ammendable and in agreement that that would be of help.

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