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      I think that one that is not shown/discussed in this clip is to allow the 15 year old to have an opportunity to discuss with without his parent there.  For many youth, it would be difficult to discuss this information with a parent in the room.  While I do think that the initial conversation should take place with the parent, I think it is important to allow time for the AYA to have time to ask questions alone.

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      I agree with your opinion.  I find it difficult to ask parents to leave the room to discuss the patient’s concerns and questions.  Many teenagers would not be as candid with their parents present.  Are there any suggestions or experience that can be shared?


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      I agree Carlene! I have often seen young patients be apprehensive to discuss fertility preservation with parent/grandparent present at bedside. I do believe having an initial discussion with the patients as their trusted support system is important, as it allows time to discuss any questions or concerns with their family. However, I do believe individual processing time is imperative.

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