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      I could only imaging how uncomfortable and even embarrassed the patient was during this conversation, although absolutely necessary. I like how the social worker engaged both parents in the discussion and also the patient, but the patient looks like a deer in headlights. His dad is still in shock and feeling pressured, he has not even accepted the cancer diagnosis. I get the impression that the mother wants her son to sperm bank, and her body language is also supportive. The patient must feel torn between both of his parents.  The provider does a really good job breaking down the treatment and how it can affect fertility and the explaining the treatment affects on rapid diving cells. I know that we only saw a small portion of the discussion, but wonder what the patient knows about fertility and the collection process. I don’t think that many providers where I work even approach this well, but rather push curative/management of cancer and make this a secondary priority.

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      Agreed – striking that balance between focusing on disease management in the here and now and also supporting understanding and decision-making for potential future consequences of treatment is tough. Appreciate that you considered the conflict the patient might be feeling between his parents – wondering if the teams do end up meeting with the patient alone to discuss further and manage potential distress, should he assent and parents assent? Would be a nice workflow to have.

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