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      I see a lot of breast cancer in my practice and with the use of hormone therapy most women have issues with vaginal dryness.  We do use very limited use of intravaginal estrogen but this increases anxiety in light of women’s fear they may be contributing to cancer recurrence.  Have any of you found any estrogen free products that you recommend to your patients that provide benefit?   I have recommended the use of vitamin E suppositories and lubricants but I was wondering if anyone has anything exciting to share for our female patients who suffer.

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      I am also interested for information on this topic. The medical oncologists recommend not using any form of estrogen. Some suggestions: Lubricants, vaginal moisturizer, consultation with pelvic practitioner in rehab.  I have a friend that is a pelvic practitioner. Let me see if she will give us some feedback.


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      From the pelvic practitioner:  She loves their products-vaginal moisturizer for the vaginal vault

      For outside the vulva: V Magic

      Vaginal moisturizer for everyday use and vmagic for every day comfort. Use lubricant for sexual activity that involves penetration.

      The pelvic practitioner is asking if you have any literature on vitamin E suppositories or experience from your patients on its use? She has heard of it being moisturizing and lubricating but has not used it.

      Hope this is helpful.

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        I have wondered about the same topic. I’m so glad it was brought up. I will use that information for my patients. thank you!!

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